Summer Recreational Purchases Made Possible By Recreational Loans

May 22, 2018

Summer’s around the corner and we have made it easier than ever to finance the recreational purchase you’ve been thinking about – boats, RVs, ATVs, personal watercrafts, or motorcycles – by taking advantage of a recreational loan.

Whether you’re looking for new or used, we help our members achieve summer fun with a Recreational Loan. If you’re not certain that a recreational loan for this type of purchase is for you, consider the following:

Competitive Rates

Because of the member-owned cooperative nature of a Credit Union, we are able to offer some of the area’s best interest rates to our members – for all types of loans. Plus, the rates on a recreational loan are generally lower than credit card rates.

Pre-Approvals Available

Members of Northern States Power Credit Union can walk into the dealership pre-approved, which gives you a bit more bargaining power when shopping and shows that you are serious about your purchase.

Accommodating Terms

We’re happy to discuss the terms of your personal loan and set up an arrangement that makes sense for your particular situation.

Personal Loans May Boost Credit Score

If you don’t have a lot of diversity in the types of accounts you have, a personal loan can serve as another variety of credit on your name, assuming you’re up-to-date on your payments.

GAP, Payment Protection, and Mechanical Repair Coverage Available

We try to take away some of the peripheral worries associated with any of our loans. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to cover the difference if your vehicle is totaled or stolen, and the amount you owe is more than insurance will pay you – a good idea for most any vehicle in your possession. Mechanical Repair Coverage is just what it sounds like – immediate coverage for repairs or breakdowns (including parts and labor) for your vehicle.

Payment Protection is also available and is a type of short-term protection that covers you if you’re unable to make payments due to some cases of illness or accident affecting your income.

Contact NSP Credit Union to get started; we look forward to helping you finance your summer fun and know that our knowledgeable staff will make it easier for you to get on the lake or on the road!