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Money-Saving Tips

Become Financially Transparent Dig into every account. Take note of every payment, every monthly bill, and every impulse buy. It’s easy to forget about each streaming service, gym membership, and magazine subscription you pay for on a monthly basis. “And the trouble...

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Savings Money During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for hot cider, gift-giving, and extra spending. The holidays are here—and with them come added expenses like Christmas parties, stocking stuffers, holiday hams, travel, décor, and so much more. These six strategies will help you save enough to enjoy...

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Back to School Budget Basics for College Students

For college students, summer vacation is over and school is back in session. You’ve said goodbye to your extra free-time and your summer job, which likely means less cash in your pockets. Working full-time during the school year typically isn’t an option for most...

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Budgeting Tips and Techniques From NSP Credit Union

Spending less than you make is an important financial goal, but doing so can be harder than it sounds. Creating and sticking to a budget allows you to track all money coming in and all expenses flowing out. When you get a budget on paper (or digitally) you’re able to...

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What is Credit and How Can You Improve Your Score?

Having good credit is immensely important. So what is credit and how can you ensure you have good credit? We’re here to debunk the mystery for you. What is Credit? According to the consumer credit reporting agency Experian, “Credit is borrowed money that you can use...

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