Money-Saving Tips

Become Financially Transparent

Dig into every account. Take note of every payment, every monthly bill, and every impulse buy. It’s easy to forget about each streaming service, gym membership, and magazine subscription you pay for on a monthly basis. “And the trouble with subscriptions,” says contributor Robert Farrington, “is that you use it for a while, then stop, but forget to cancel it.” Take a thorough inventory of all these expenses, then revisit that list and start trimming the unnecessary.

This also gives you a good excuse to shop around. When was the last time you compared car insurance premiums or cable providers? Introductory deals alone will save you bundles, and switching companies gives you the upper hand in negotiating a better price.

Smart Shopping

You’ve probably heard the saying you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. This is very true, but the same idea applies to larger purchases. Implement something called the 30-day rule. As describes it, the 30-day rule is an idea that you, “…don’t say ‘no.’ Just say ‘later.’ Then put the item back on the shelf and give it some thought.”

Get a Coffee Machine and Make a Sandwich

Food and drinks purchased from restaurants and fast food places add up – especially when you are visiting them regularly. Break the habit of stopping at Starbucks every morning and get a coffee maker. Skip the lunchtime trip to a fast food joint and work on your meal prep skills. These small adjustments are go-to money saving tips that make a big difference.

Get Your Home to Help with the Bills

Going green isn’t just an environmental issue, it’s a lifestyle choice that can save your wallet some serious green. Energy-efficient appliances are an investment, but they will end up saving you hundreds in the long run. You can get started on the green route with smaller changes, like turning off your lights when you’re not in a room, switching out your light bulbs, or unplugging appliances when you’re not using them.


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